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Affordable Housing Council

AHCCW logoAlmost every year, legislation is introduced in Olympia that would reduce the effectiveness of ROII and impact the value of returns we are able to pass back to all of you for making safety a top priority. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having the right elected officials in power. The person sitting in the mayor’s office or on the council can mean the difference between continuing to work and being shut down, possibly indefinitely. This year is a major election year for our industry and your support will provide critical infrastructure and supplies to candidates who support the industry.

Please join us in supporting the political efforts of our industry by donating. 

Support the Building Industry

Affordable Housing Council of the CWHBA (AHCCW)

CWHBA’s Political Action Committee

The Governmental Affairs Department works closely with local, state and federal elected officials on issues vital to our members’ livelihood.  Forging and nurturing positive relationship with our elected officials and policymakers is essential for our association and its effectiveness on the political front.
Through these efforts we can identify those politicians who are willing to listen to our issues and consider our point of view.  This is where AHCCW becomes invaluable.

What is the AHCCW?

In short, AHCCW is the PAC (Political Action Committee) of the Central Washington Home Builder’s Association.  AHCCW supports our endorsed candidates and ballot measures that grow the building industry. AHCCW aggressively participates in the legislative and regulatory process. Our influence is made possible through individual donations. It is paramount we support elected officials who champion, property rights, healthy economic development, and free enterprise. Your contributions are focused on critical issues. The best way to impact your destiny is to be involved.

Why is AHCCW important?

AHCCW represents the recognition by our members that those elected into office are critical to the housing and development industry. Through generous contributions we can fund the best qualified and most worthy candidates for office.With the CWHBA territory covering 6 counties, 45 cities and towns, 5 state legislative districts, and a plethora of other taxing and regulatory political subdivisions (Ports, PUDs, School Districts, etc…), there are many elected positions that can impact the homebuilding industry.

AHCCW empowers our members to help shape the political environment and elect candidates who will support our industry’s goal to provide citizens the opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership. Changes in local codes, local planning, state law or regulations, and more could be detrimental to your business. Your contribution to AHCCW is an investment in your company’s future and the future of our industry. It is one of the most affordable options for political involvement.

Is AHCCW politically neutral?

AHCCW is not affiliated with a specific political party.  AHCCW supports candidates who recognize the importance of the home building industry. It should also be noted that not all local races (such as city/town council races) are party races.  AHCCW also supports issue specific campaigns when appropriate.

How are funds raised for the AHCCW?

The AHCCW raises the funds needed to support local and state candidates who support the housing industry through voluntary contributions from CWHBA members.  Voluntary contributions can be made at any time.Through your contribution, we can pool our resources and unite to support the best qualified, pro-housing candidates for elected office.

Who are the trustees of the AHCCW?

A trustee is anyone who has donated a minimum of $60 for the year.

How are decisions about endorsements and funding made?

Trustees meet a minimum of 3 times per year and as needed.  During the election season, trustees in attendance will review candidates for public office and makes decisions to provide financial support to those elected officials who understand and appreciate the impact the home building industry has on the central Washington economy.

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