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Return On Industrial Insurance (ROII)

"We are longtime members and the R.O.I.I. program certainly warrants our membership! We are very appreciative of the program."

-Lynn Van AukenYakima Watermill, Inc

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The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) allows organizations like the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) to form group retrospective rating programs, whereby member companies pool their L&I premium dollars. In each program year, if the group’s standard premiums paid exceeds the retrospective rat­ing premiums, the group receives a refund. If the ret­rospective ratings premiums exceed the standard pre­miums paid, a penalty is assessed.

The process begins when a company submits their ap­plication and enrollment fee. After approval by BIAW and L&I, they become an R.O.I.I. Select member for the upcoming plan year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the following year.

"Our company has been signing up for the R.O.I.I. program for several years and would like to give it a full endorsement. There are many reasons to be a member of the CWHBA, such as industry representation & governmental affairs, which are very important, but R.O.I.I is just so tangible that it should not be overlooked by anyone who is an employer. Thank you for your hard work to keep this available."

-Scott Gust Gust Builders

During the plan year, member companies continue to remit their quarterly premiums directly to L&I. Participation in the R.O.I.I. Select program neither reduces nor increases a member’s industrial insurance rates.

One year following the end of the plan year, L&I calculates the first of three adjustments. A second ad­justment is calculated one year later, and a third and final adjustment one year after that.

BIAW’s R.O.I.I. program began in 1982. The BIAW program currently consists of over 4,100 member companies that pay over $100 million per year in L&I premiums, the largest, by far, premium base of any Retro program in Washington state.

New R.O.I.I. Select Since 2001, BIAW has offered an incentive-based R.O.I.I. program option called R.O.I.I. Select. The average refund for Select is 51.8%. Starting in 2011, we will transition the entire program to the new R.O.I.I. Select. The new R.O.I.I. Select program will serve companies with a minimum annual premium base of $10,000 and above. Also, companies must do Kept on Salary and Light Duty.

"Any business owner who wants to be a good steward of company dollars needs to be involved with the ROII program. I see this program as a huge benefit to Baxter Construction and recommend it to all members. Program cost is very minimal and requires no time from you as a business owner, yet returns can be huge. We have seen returns as high as $8,500.00, so all I have to say about ROII is start now get involved in 2008."

- Brice Baxter, Baxter Construction

Kept on Salary and Light Duty Requirements

R.O.I.I. Select participants must keep each injured worker on full salary (100% wages) for at least thirty (30) week days (6 weeks) immediately following the first date of written certi­fication by the medical provider that the worker is unable to perform the normal job duties. The Kept on Salary payment is in lieu of time loss benefits provided by the Department of Labor & Industries.  R.O.I.I. Select participants must provide light/modified duty work in all cases in which an injured worker is unable to perform the normal job duties.

Claims Assistance Program (CAP  )Beginning in 2011, BIAW will offer the Claims Assistance Program (CAP) to those compa­nies which do not qualify or choose not to participate in the new R.O.I.I. Select program.

Click Here to download the ROII application

Building Industry Insurance Program

Building Industry Insurance Program

Are you building the American Dream?

BIAW's Building Industry Insurance Program member insurance agents and program representatives can offer BIAW members a competitive rates on products designed specifically for the building industry:

  • Builder's Risk
  • General Liability
  • Builders Warranty
  • Structural Warranty

See how they can help you at BIAW.com or contact Karen Hall at 360-352-7800, ext. 137. Click Here to view BIAW criteria for the Building Industry Insurance Program.

Another great member benefit!

Health Insurance Trust Program

The BIAW Health Insurance program is a non-profit, multiple employer benefit program created for members of local building associations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Purchasing power, excellent benefits and rate stability are the cornerstones of the success of the BIAW Health Insurance program.

The Advantages

"We changed our health insurance to BIAW Health Trust, effective May 1, 2011. Their staff was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Enrollment was quick and easy. Our total premium savings is approximately 24% a month, what a welcome surprise!!" -TRAHO Architects, P.S.
  • The BIAW program offers group medical, dental, vision, life and disability plans. Over 20 custom plan designs available including: Health Savings Account plans, and Voluntary Dental plans, with a range of benefit and deductible levels.
  • All BIAW benefit plans include 100% coverage for preventive care benefits like annual physicals, well-baby checkups and cancer screening.
  • All BIAW Regence BlueShield plans include coverage for On-The-Job accidents (when the claimant is not covered under a Workers Comp. program). Most other plans exclude these claims.
  • No matter which combination of BIAW benefit plans your firm selects, you will receive only one monthly billing statement, and make a single monthly payment.
  • Exclusive Trust Consultants & Administrators
    • EPK & Associates, Inc., is the exclusive contract administrator for the BIAW Program. EPK's employee benefit professionals provide direct customer service to both participating firms and their employees, including claims and eligibility assistance, COBRA administration, etc.
    • Capital Benefit Services, Inc.,the BIAW Trust Consulting Broker is responsible for plan design, carrier renewal negotiations, employee communications, plan comparisons, employee meetings and evaluating additional benefit options. Capital Benefit Services, Inc. can also assist with other employee benefits such as:
      • Long-Term and Short-Term Disability
      • Retirement Plans
      • HRA Accounts
      • Voluntary Dental
  • Because The BIAW Health Insurance Program is one of the largest multiple employer health care purchasing alliances in the Northwest, participating members can take advantage of rates significantly below the direct market from the region's foremost health insurers, including Regence Blue Shield and Asuris Northwest Health.

Voluntary Insurance Benefits

Changing health care regulations and rising costs are creating benefit gaps and knowledge gaps. To help you and your employees with these issues, we've partnered with Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company. At no direct cost to your business, Colonial Life can help you save time, fills gaps and add value to your benefits program.

Imagine the time and resources you could save with:

  • Fewer questions and hours spent educating employees about their benefits
  • Better-informed and -educated employees (which means a greater appreciation for their benefits and you)
  • Better-educated health care consumers (which can save costs through use of generics, saving the emergency room for emergencies, free health screenings, self-examination, living a healthier lifestyle, etc)
  • Less financial risk for employees (voluntary benefits help fill the gaps in employees medical plans and provide disability and life insurance protection as well)
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention (which means being able to attract and retain top talent)
  • Free access to CCH HRAnswers Now, a complete human resources library at your fingertips.

Special underwriting exceptions for Master Builder Association member firms only

  1. Minimum account size of two eligible employees: Particularly important to small builders and remodelers who would like access to our individual products that are sold in a group setting. Gives smaller companies same access to benefits as large companies.
  2. Special disability rate for builders/remodelers: Other than medical insurance, disability protection is the most important coverage a person can have. Builders and remodelers under the Colonial Life-MBA Select Program will receive the "AA" rate, which means a 14 percent discount on the cost of disability coverage. See savings example:
    Disability Without the Select Program With the Select Program Savings
    $2,000/month, 0/30 waiting period, 12-month benefit $64 in monthly premium $55 in monthly premium 14 percent
  3. Special disability rate for high-risk industries: Employers in the industries below, which are classified as higher-risk industries, will receive an "A" rate, which means a 15 percent discount on disability coverage and access to disability coverage for firms that typically may not qualify for Colonial Life's disability coverage. See savings example
    Disability Without the Select Program With the Select Program Savings
    $2,000/month, 0/30 waiting period, 12-month benefit $74 in monthly premiums $64 in monthly premiums 15 percent
     Construction-related industries that would use this exception include:

    Building Maintenance
    Planing Mills
    Building Wrecking
    Plywood Manufacturers
    Exterior Building Cleaning
    Hardwood, Veneer & Plywood
    Hazardous Waste Disposal
    Security Guards
    Janitorial Services
    Window Cleaning·Millwork Manufacturers
    Wood preserving/products mfg.
  4. Special "guaranteed issue" exception with Medical Bridge 3000: Employers with 10 or more employees and have a minimum of 10 employees apply for Medical Bridge 3000 (or 15 percent participation, whichever is greater) will qualify for guaranteed issue (GIize=). GI means Colonial Life will wave medical underwriting for employees who apply this product.

Colonial Life's Enrollment Services

Colonial Life benefits counselors come to your worksite and spend one-to-one time meeting with each employee and enrolling them through Colonial Life's own enrollment technology. Employees have the chance to confidentially review their current benefits, consider new options and, most importantly, see how their choices will affect their paycheck.

Colonial Life's benefit counselors can also capture simple changes, such as an employee's new address or dependent changes.

Colonial Life's Benefits Counseling Services

Through their experienced benefits counselors, Colonial Life helps employees better understand and appreciate the value of their employer-provided benefits. They provide the following benefits education services at no direct cost to employers:

  • One-to-one benefits counseling for the total benefits program  cor"2">e and voluntary benefits to help employees understand and appreciate their benefits and to help guide them through the decision-making process.
  • Group meetings to give employees a full overview of their employer's entire benefits program and to help better prepare employees for individual enrollment sessions.
  • Personal salary illustrations that outline employees' benefits selections and how each affects their paychecks, ensuring they know what to expect when the first deductions are made.
  • Benefits statements for a detailed overview of employer-provided benefits and their monetary value to help employees understand the true value of their "hidden paychecks."
  • Election forms for a detailed accounting of each employee's selections and contributions. Also provide plan administrators a concise summary of payroll elections for easy data input and employee records.

Colonial Life's Voluntary Benefits

Personal insurance products from Colonial Life offer a broad range of benefit options, and many can help combat the rising costs of health care. If an employee or covered family member suffers a covered accident or sickness, most Colonial Life plans pay benefits directly to the insured regardless of benefits that person may receive from other insurance companies.

Hospital confinement indemnity, critical illness, cancer and accident insurance help fill gaps in other medical benefits. help fill gaps in other medical benefits. These policies also include health screening benefits to encourage early detection of specified illnesses  a k"2">ey factor in recovery. For additional financial protection, employees may also apply for Colonial Life's disability insurance and life insurance.

Find Out More

Luanne Davis at (509) 438-2228 or by e-mail at luann.davis@coloniallife.comYou may also visit Colonial Life at www.coloniallife.com and www.benefitsguys.com.

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"We are longtime members and the R.O.I.I. program certainly warrants our membership! We are very appreciative of the program." - Lynn Van Auken, Yakima Watermill, Inc

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