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Gain Influence

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) works to provide the CWHBA Board of Directors with regulatory insight for the benefit of the membership. The GAC operates in both Yakima and Kittitas Counties. Assisted by staff in both locations, the committee members monitor local government, provide testimony, and report on a broad range of subjects like land use, property rights, fee increases, code changes and local elections. The Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington (AHCCW) is the political action arm of the CWHBA. In conjunction with the GAC this committee works to raise money and fund select political issues and candidates for the benefit of the membership.

Members serving on the Government Affairs Committee and/or the Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington provide staff with pertinent insight when representing the association and its members. Our government affairs efforts are guided by the goals established by the Board of Directors and the CWHBA Strategic Plan. Keep up with government affairs by reading the Building Today newsletter or viewing our reports on this website.

Beyond local and State involvement, the CWHBA works closely with the NAHB, whose actions on the legislative, regulatory, codes and legal fronts saved the typical home builder over $7,000 per housing start in 2012 alone.

Legislation Drives Savings and amount to big bang for the membership buck

Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington (AHCCW)

Works to raise money and funds select political issues and candidates for the benefit of the membership.

Built Green Committee

Facilitates a credible standard for home construction that reflects the Home Builders Association commitment to building better communities through environmental responsibility.

Developers Committee

Works to improve conditions for the development community as an extension of the CWHBA Government Affairs Committee.

Education Committee

Plans and executes educational programming designed to enhance technical and business skills of members.

General Membership Luncheon Committee

Plans and executes membership lunch meetings. Sub Committee of Membership Committee

Golf Committee

Plans and executes the annual golf tournament for the membership. Two Golf Tournaments are held: Yakima & Kittitas.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Works to provide insight on regulatory issues to the Board of Directors for the benefit of the membership.

Home & Garden Show Committee

"The mission of the Home and Garden Show Committee is the creation and presentation of CWHBA's primary profit producing annual event, which is perceived by the public as the premier showcase for products and services related to the improvement of the homes of residents in Central Washington. The Home and Garden Show displays and promotes the businesses of CWHBA members to the public and to each other."

Membership/Associates Council

Plans and executes membership activities. Investigates and arranges for programs and services which will enhance members' businesses, such as ROII and other affinity programs.

Remodelers Council

The function of the Remodelers Council is the creation and presentation of an annual public display of remodeling projects in the Yakima Valley, which showcases the innovation, skills and workmanship of CWHBA members; and contributes money to a local charity determined annually.

Tour of Homes Committee

"The mission of the Tour of Homes Committee is the creation and presentation of an annual public display of new housing in the Yakima & Kittitas Valley's, which showcases the innovation, skills and workmanship of CWHBA members; and produces a profit for CWHBA."

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The Spike Club

Growing Our Strength from Member Recruitment, Retention & Involvement

Recruiting new members to our local association is an activity recognized and rewarded through the NAHB Spike Club Program. Those who participate are called Spikes and they are among the most valued members of the association. Member-to-member recruitment and retention efforts are highly valued because of the grassroots growth and stability they bring to the association. These efforts lend to the development of the general membership and our leadership pipeline, keeping the face of our association true to that of our industry and the wide scope of interests we represent. Spikes are the membership leaders of our federation, building the voice, power, and influence on every level, in every state.

What are the benefits of becoming a Spike?

The real benefits are intangible--you will be recognized for your contributions to the association and regarded as an accomplished and connected member. Additionally, Spikes receive:

  • A coveted invitation to the biggest party of the year, the Spike Party/Directors Reception*
  • Increased visibility, recognition, and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Unique and valuable rewards for each level of achievement, including lapel pins, plaques, trophies, wearable's, jewelry, and more
  • Additional VIP treatment throughout the year

How do I become a Spike?

Before becoming a Spike, you are a Spike candidate. That means you have earned between one and five Spike credits. Once you earn your sixth Spike credit, you become an official Spike! Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining members.

How do I earn Spike credits?

Members earn one Spike credit for each new member they sponsor. When that member renews after his or her first year of membership the sponsoring member automatically gets one retention credit. Every year the member renews thereafter, the sponsoring member will receive a renewal credit.

Spike Club Roster?

See CWHBA's monthly newsletter for a full listing of all Spikes and what their numbers grow each month.

"We at Pro-Build have been Title sponsoring the CWHBA Golf Classic for many years. Not only does it allow us time to spend with our current members, but it also gives us the chance to visit with many others in our local building industry that we don't see on a daily basis. That time is invaluable to us!" - Earl, Builders FirstSource / Pro-Build

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