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Handyman Specialty Clarified

As a result of changes to the Contractor Registration law in the 2007 Legislative Session, the definition of the “handyman” specialty has been clarified. The handyman specialty now specifies that a handyman must be an individual who does all the work personally without employees or other specialty contractors. A handyman may perform more than one unrelated specialty trade or craft provided he does all the work himself.

All work shall be limited to minor and casual work of existing residential maintenance and repair with a total dollar value of time and materials under $2,000. The handyman specialty cannot do work requiring a building permit. If the registered contractor is a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), one person must be identified as a handyman. Work in this specialty may also require plumber certification per Chapter 18.106 RCW and/or an electrical license per Chapter 19.28 RCW.

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