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Julie Cruz Project

Central Washington Home Builders Association (CWHBA) will unveil the renovated home of Julie Cruz during a special ceremony Friday, February 26. Members of CWHBA began this project last year after it was learned the Cruz family had been a finalist for the TV show Extreme Home Makeover but didn’t make the cut.

Julie Cruz is a 61-year old grandmother who is raising five grandchildren on her own. It’s estimated there are 5,000 grandparents in the Yakima Valley who, like Julie, have put retirement plans on hold so they can raise their grandchildren. Despite her own hardships, Julie has worked tirelessly to help these other grandparents (known as kinship caregivers) by taking in and distributing donated clothing, furniture and other items with the help of her grandsons.

Prior to this project the family’s home was in desperate need of major repairs. There was no functioning heating system, there were holes in the floor and the electrical system did not work properly. CWHBA members and many other local businesses came together over the past eight-months and provided materials and labor at little to no cost to help make the house a home for this special family.

Posted February 26, 2010

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