Central Washington Homebuilders Association - Full Article: Spokane Businessman Elected to Lead National Precast Concrete Association

Spokane Businessman Elected to Lead National Precast Concrete Association

Dan Houk, president and CEO of Wilbert Precast Inc., has been elected NPCA’s 46th chairman of the Board. Houk took the gavel to begin his 12-month term Oct. 24, at the 45th Annual Convention in Vancouver, B.C.

A lifelong precast producer and an NPCA member since 1977, Houk said that he is committed to building awareness among construction industry specifiers of the many services available through the association, including online educational opportunities and new tools for engineers, architects and regulators.

“We have a growing suite of online tools that can assist designers, whether they are searching for technical support or seeking LEED points with precast concrete,” Houk said. “Our goal is to continue to create awareness of all these resources among the design community.”

Wilbert Precast Concrete (www.wilbertprecast.com) has been in business in the Spokane area since 1906. The company manufactures a wide variety of precast concrete products for the Northwest in facilities in Spokane, Yakima and Lewiston.

Now in its 46th year, the National Precast Concrete Association provides technical, educational and safety resources to nearly 1,000 member companies in all 50 states and seven Canadian provinces, representing the $19 billion precast concrete sector of the construction industry.

Posted November 17, 2010

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