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Homeownership is the American dream. We help you reach the apex of that dream—building or remodeling your dream home—safely, confidently and with peace of mind.

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You love it here. We do too. Since 1955, CWHBA members have worked with homeowners just like you to build the homes that make Central Washington great. Bonded, insured, registered and driven by a strong code of ethics, we’re ready to help you turn your home building vision into reality.


Here’s a secret—CWHBA is far more than a list of building resources. We are your insider’s guide. We help you assemble the team behind your dream, guiding you to the trusted, vetted and local professionals who will bring your home dream to life.

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When we say we’re a who’s who of the local building community we mean you too! Members join because we offer an unmatched community and deep resources. We use our collective power, influence and brand recognition to help you grow and manage your business.

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We’re Neighbors. Together We Make Central Washington Stronger.

It’s reassuring to know that CWHBA members live and work in the communities we build. As neighbors, we care about making every home, community and relationship we nurture better. We feel good knowing that our work together brings quality into your community and helps local businesses prosper. That’s why we give back to the communities we serve and the members we cherish.

"Our company has been signing up for the R.O.I.I. program for several years and would like to give it a full endorsement. There are many reasons to be a member of the CWHBA, such as industry representation & governmental affairs, which are very important, but R.O.I.I is just so tangible that it should not be overlooked by anyone who is an employer. Thank you for your hard work to keep this available." - Scott Gust, Gust Builders

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